Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Abby Persicketti
Prof. Wielgos
Purpose Statement
My motivation for this essay is to open the eyes of my generation and generations to come that while technology is interesting and useful it is also important to have a connection with people in the flesh.
This statement of purpose can apply to almost anyone. It does not apply as much to the older generation as much as the generation growing up in the time where technology is used almost anywhere and is a large part of our day to day lives.
I think this purpose is something everyone could share who uses technology frequently, which is a large audience around the world.
I believe this purpose is something I will be proud of sharing once I put it all together because I think it can be eye opening.

1.      List of audience characteristics: Children, teens, young adults, and anyone else who uses technology often.
People you let technology get in the way during social gatherings or keeps them from going to social gatherings.
Any ethnicity
Class can be anyone who can afford to have a phone or access to other technologies.
2.      I believe the audience will see good points in my purpose. They should be interested because a lot of people, including myself, focus too much of their phones and laptops instead of facing what is right in front of them. They might be disinterested, or hostile because they cannot imagine not having their phone with them all the time, especially
when at a social gathering.  

Context: The context of this communication is one that will most likely happen in a class presentation, or a conference about technology’s effect on society.

The place of communication can be in a classroom or maybe a small gathering. Perhaps they could also be reading my purpose while in the comfort of their own home.

The space of the communication might be in a school assembly because that would be where I could reach the broadest of my audience.

My statement of purpose: Technology (mostly phones), while they may have benefits to society, are also hurting the social part of society when people are focusing on their technology rather than what is going on around them.  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing and design can help get across an idea or message in a clearer format. Many people can easier understand a concept when there is a design to go with it rather than just spoken words. Writing is a strong form of communication because it gives the readers the means to go back and fully examine what is being communicated. When there is design added to that writing people will be able to feel more of what the author was trying to emote. The design pleases the senses of the reader and makes reading the writing more enjoyable. Images that go with a text can be used as a strategy to have a more effective rhetorical communication.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blogs are something that I enjoy reading very much. Blogs help get out the thoughts and ideas of the writers without a publishing company or editor to prohibit them from saying something. I think it is efficient in communicating with others because anyone with internet access can read or set up a blog. I do not think a blog or "blogger" signifies any type of specific person to me. Any type of person can blog. They may talk about their secrets or emotions and have deep thoughts to share, or perhaps it might be a person who would like to inspire people. There are also humorous blogs, which are my favorite. I also enjoy fashion and beauty related blogs. Blogs can be helpful when it comes to teaching others new things or asking people for help with something. A blog could have a use for me. I would probably use it to document my time through college and tell funny anecdotes about my time here. If I end up moving away at some point for my job I would like to keep a blog to easily update all of my family and friends about what I am up to. Lastly, I plan on traveling as much as possible when I graduate or even before, so I would like to blog about my adventures while traveling to new places and what I recommend seeing.