Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Topic: Why music should be funded for residents in nursing homes with Alzheimer's Disease

Purpose: Music in the form of an MP3 player or iPod should be funded by the government for residents in nursing homes with Alzheimer's Disease because research has shown that residents with the disease show much more brain activity when listening to their favorite music. This cost of one simple device to play music should be covered by health care because it may be more effective than the drugs that the residents are receiving.

Audience: People who have family members with Alzheimer's Disease
                 The workers of the nursing home
                 People who work in health care and health insurance
                 Doctors who specialize in the brain
                 Music majors who would like to find a way to use their talents to help people
                 People who would like to donate their money, but are not sure where to give it

Context: The controversy would be that there are too many costs for the residents already and the people running nursing homes and insurance companies do not have the funds to buy the simple devices.

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