Thursday, February 12, 2015


My experience with this photo essay has been mixed. I enjoyed creating the essay itself and coming up with the purpose statement. I also think that I had a good, relevant idea for this photo essay. However, I am not extremely pleased with the quality of my photos because the camera on my phone is an older version. I think they are clear enough to get the point across, but it would have helped my credibility if the pictures looked a little more professional. Other than my photos not meeting my liking, I enjoyed the creativity I was allowed with this essay. Usually when I hear the word "essay" I get stressed out, but if every essay could be like this one I would not mind doing them more often. When we were first told about the photo essay I was apprehensive about how I was going to make my thoughts concise. Luckily, Dr. Wielgos was very helpful during each class and on Blackboard explaining the steps we needed to take to successful relay our purpose statement to the audience. Overall, I would say that I enjoyed this essay thoroughly and would gladly do another, with a different camera next time.  

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