Thursday, February 19, 2015

The poster from the movie "Crazy Stupid Love" is based a lot on the faces of the characters of the movie. This movie looks like it was made a few years ago because the clothes are very current and so is the way the photos look. They look like they were taken with high definition cameras. The genre of  the movie that is being publicized by this poster is a romantic comedy for older audiences. The evidence I used was the title, of course, but also the photos. The people in the line of photos are smiling. Also, the largest photo with Steve Carell and the woman's heel on the table shows a sense of romance that is in the movie, but you can tell it will be comical based on the confused/shocked expression he has on his face. I think the designers used the colors they did to make it look sophisticated. There are not any super harsh, in your face colors. The visual path my eye follows through the poster is first Steve Carell's face in the large picture because it is in focus. Then it leads to the heel because you want to be able to see what Steve Carell is looking at. You could also say that your eye leads then to the title because it is in the center and goes from a thin to bold text. My eyes then follow the photos of the characters from left to right at the bottom of the screen. The eyes then go to the date at the bottom of the poster. The designers "ask" you to see the elements of the poster in this order because it first introduces you to the main character, then to the title, then to the rest of the cast, and then the date it hits theaters.The overall effect of this poster is to show that the movie is funny and inviting, but it also shows that it is not a movie that children should watch because of the mature tone of the colors and pictures.

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